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Fire Lake Camp, Kansas Farm Dinners, Paola KS, Bob and Julie Zoller
Fire Lake Camp is our playground, Passion rows our boat.

Like a cool drink greeting you on a summer day, that is the essence of Fire Lake Camp. We have found our sanctuary, a gathering place to share life’s adventures. Fire Lake Camp has its own personality; a combination of our adventures from living in New York and Colorado, our family brings our adventurous life to the Camp and we want to share those adventures with you.  I have learned that the “farm” in me is a precious thing, something many yearn for, to breathe in country air, and gather with family and friends. This feeling is what we want to share with you through our many adventures here at Fire Lake Camp, You-Pick-AsparagusFarm DinnersRehearsal Dinners, Farm Weddings, Fishing Derbys, and Classes".

Come join us and get inspired! 


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FaceBook page, Fire Lake Camp, Kansas Farm Dinners, Miami County KS, Bob and Julie Zoller

Kansas Farm Dinners, Fire Lake Camp, Miami County KS, Louisburg KS, Bob and Julie Zoller

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